Risk management: You don't know how important it is, until you need it

Risk management: You don’t know how important it is, until you need it

Risk management is important and it needs to be part of your farming business planning. If you were unable to work in your business, due to an illness or as a result of a farming accident, the question is: Would you be able to manage your everyday living expenses or maintain your business operations? We…

In Dibbo’s words – an interview with Mike

As most of our clients know, Dibbo uses the power of P2PAgri software to underpin the management and financial analyses behind our reports. Tune in to “Your Farm Business Podcast” to hear P2P’s developer, Mike Krause, as he interviews Dibbo around how this works in episode 6 – Farm business info: Easier & more powerful.…

Lightening the load: Building personal and business resilience

Lightening the load – building personal and business resilience

Running an intergenerational farming business goes hand in hand with unpredictable production outputs, fluctuations in income and other financial and seasonal stresses. Being at the mercy of so many external factors can also lead to more personal stresses, such as feeling overwhelmed or a fear of failure.

‘Healthy, wealthy and wise’ isn’t just a saying – it’s now well known that your personal and financial wellbeing are closely intertwined.

The good news is, there are some everyday actions you can take to help build both personal resilience and a more resilient business.

Hindsight is 20 20 Vision

Farm production planning comes with significant stress in terms of maintaining farm business sustainability and achieving profitability, and the fact is, a poor decision can have significant impact on your bottom line for years to come.

What if you could make more informed decisions about production efficiencies and understand the financial impact of different production or planting/stock options before you made decisions – would it help you to achieve better outcomes this year?

There’s never been a better time to consider your financial future

When many people think about financial planning, they think it’s all about savings and investments, but there are many other facets that everyday Australians need to take into account when considering their overall financial situation. Statistics reveal that one in four people living in rural and regional areas is suffering from cardiovascular disease and men…

The Rise and Rise of Education Costs in Australia

The Australian Scholarships Group[1] recently announced that Australian parents could soon be paying up to $65,829 to educate a child at a government primary and secondary school. For average families of two or three children this represents a significant financial commitment for many Australian families. According to Phillip Dibben from Active Financial Management an Authorised…